Calendar Component Professional

Professional Swing Date Selection Library
Java ™ Technology Date Picker

This is a Java ™ Technology Calendar Component ready to use in Swing applications.
Either used as a simple date picker or as a professional calendar component, Calendar Component v5.1 Professional has all the features required to quickly integrate date selection in your application.


The colors, fonts, background image can be customized. Custom renderers can be defined to customize the rendering of table cells, header cells, week cells and status panel. Also external skins are supported.
show/hide week, grid, extra month days, status panel
internationalization support
comprehensive event model
selection models supported (single date, single interval, multiple interval); empty selection; disabled dates; null dates
custom metrics for table, header, weeks or status panel


The component is mature. This is the 4th year of development.
Every part of the API was carefully designed to be very easy to integrate the component in your application and use existing features, but also to be easy to customize the existing features by extending the component with custom code.
The event model is simple and straightforward.
Complex calendar applications can be quickly created using this component. For example see the "Events Manager" tab of the demo application.
The component can be integrated and used from visual swing editors such as the one's from Netbeans, JBuilder and IntelliJ IDEA. A ready to use Netbeans ".nbm" module is included in the package.

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We are also offering for web developers a ready to use Calendar Applet which can be used in your web forms for date selection and event integration with JavaScript.

java calendar
- a swing calendar component;
- a calendar combobox;
- a calendar dialog;
- a JTable calendar cell editor;
- a calendar applet ready to be used by web developers.